Savor the Richness of Old-Fashioned Butter

Hope Creamery is a local Minnesota business with a long history of crafting and sharing delicious old-fashioned butter with our fans around the country. Our commitment to high-quality, locally sourced ingredients and traditional butter-making methods has made us a staple in the hearts and kitchens of our neighbors. Whether you're looking for a savory salted butter for your table or a rich, high-fat butter for your pie crust, you can find exactly what you need from us.

Experience the Butter that Betters the Bread!

Spreading the love with our homemade butter

Victor and Kellie have owned and operated the creamery as a family small business since 2001. Our creamery has been dishing out delicious butter for over 100 years and we are proud to carry on that tradition. You'll want to try our butter because:

  • All of our butter is Grade A, made from rBGH/rBST free Minnesota Milk, certified Kosher, and gluten free
  • High scores year after year in the UMDIA butter competition and recognized for our achievement in making artisanal butter at the Minnesota State Fair
  • Our three different varieties are made with care in small batches weekly to ensure the best quality, freshest butter is on your table.

Reviews from our enthusiastic Facebook fans:

"Hope butter is by far hands down the BEST tasting butter ever made! No other other butter even comes close to the creamy and delicious tasting Hope Creamery Butter!"


This is the best butter we have locally. It is the.Cadillac of can taste the difference! This is a specialty butter we can buy and use year round. Let's buy local and enjoy quality butter with a great tradition in a county that was called The Butter Capitol of the World!


I bought my first butter from Hope Creamery yesterday! It tastes just like I remember my grandmother's home churned butter. Best I have had in over 50 years! Thank you!