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You'll be amazed at how much better our fresh, European-style butter tastes compared to their supermarket counterparts. In our creamery and across select local stores in and around Hope, MN, you can find our:

Salted Butter: Our salted butter is our flagship product and most popular by far. It is a perfect addition to toast, crackers, vegetables, recipes, and really anything else. The salt really brings out the flavor in the butter, creating a smooth delicious product that some people eat right off the spoon.

Unsalted Butter: Experience the delicious, creamy sweetness of Hope Butter without the added salt. We recommend the unsalted butter for sauces, gravies, and baking. Perfect for those avoiding sodium.

Hi Fat Butter: This high-fat, low-moisture product is excellent for pie crusts, pastries, croissants, and any other flaky baked delights. Although it's crafted with the baker in mind, no one is stopping you from smearing a rich pat onto a toasted English muffin.

Do you have any questions about our artisanal butter for sale? Connect with us at 507-684-2019 now to learn more.

Make Every Meal a Masterpiece With European-Style Butter

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