I've never personally been to the creamery, but our family eats Hope Butter on everything. It is hands down the best butter in the entire world. We are friends with a man named Bob, who takes little trips to Hope to pick up butter for all of his friends. If you haven't tried it yet, get some. Life is too short to have never had the world's best butter

Vikki Beebe

I bought their butter at Lunds Byerley in St Paul. So good.

Steve Rawlins

Grew up eating this amazing butter and I pray it stays around for my kids and grandkids to keep on enjoying. Absolutely LOVE Hope butter!

I even get it shipped across country by the case so I never run out. The people behind the scenes are amazing. The butter quality is amazing!

Sarah Wolff

This IS the best butter you will ever eat! I have moved to Austin Mn & still drive to Hope to pick up a case! It's the only butter my family will eat!

Katie Troe

This butter cannot be beat. Puts Keryygold to shame!
I have been ordering it since first dreading an article in the S.P. Pioneer Press. I eat alot of Hope butter and at 70 have Rock Star cholesterol numbers♥️
I brag about your butter every chance I get. Thanks for not changing a thing!

Glory Reuter

Hope butter is the only butter we use! You have to taste it to understand just how good it is. It is creamier and better tasting than any other butter we've ever used. It is a little more expensive but well worth it!!!

Ann Bruggeman

I love Hope butter, but notice the supply has not been coming in to Lakewinds or Lundd/Byerlys where I shop. I hope they are not going out of business. Does anyone have any info on this?

Sheri Kanz

Hope butter is the best. We are from Wisconsin and stop by whenever we travel to see the kids in Carver.

eileen engelke

Easily the best butter I've ever tasted. First had it at The Bad Waitress and now buy it from Lund's. 100% worth the expense

Christine Garten

Some of the best butter I've ever had.

307 ARTist

Only open once a week to sell butter but can buy its butter at the local gas station.

Diane S

Best butter you will ever have! Almost tastes like cream cheese. Yum!

Hannah Willi

I live in Indiana, and order Hope butter, for myself and 10 friends. Won't use any other kind!

Michele Alder

Best butter in the state, and rivals any French butter I've had

Grant Herman

I love the taste. I try to use it whenever I can in my baked goods!

Dar Engelby

Best butter ever!!

Bill W

Love iui t

Katelyn Rysavy

The best butter

Oscar Johnson

Friendly staff

Will N